Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trinity At 6 Months

Here are some things about Trinity now that she is 6 months old.

She can sit up by herself.
She drinks 6 ozs. of formula every 3 hours
She sleeps all night
She gets around really good in her walker
She eats baby food
She can drink out of a straw
I have started her on a sippy cup
She eats yogurt bites and Cheerio type thingys
She hates fruit baby food, but loves veggie baby food
She is in 6 to 9 month sleepers
Her shoe size is 2
She likes to sleep on her belly
She loves getting a bath
She weighs 15 Lbs and 9 ozs.
She is 26 inches long
She goes to sleep around 8:30
She wakes up at 8:00
She loves to get things she isn't supposed to have
She has one tooth on the bottom right and the bottom left is almost through
She is half way to her 1st birthday :(

Time has went by so fast. Just yesterday I brought her home from the hospital! Well...not really but you know what I mean. I am so thankful for my baby girl and I am so glad that God placed her in our lives!

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