Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes With Chocolate Mousse Filling And Chocolate Buttercream Icing

***Warning*** Those of you... I mean us :) that are on diets, please don't look at this blog post and run far, far away from your computer!

One of my blogging friends, officerswife33 from What To recently blogged about making these yummy looking cupcakes. I cannot pass up a great cupcake recipe so I made these cupcakes last week. Here is where you can get the recipe.

Here are all the ingredients for the cupcake batter.

Prepare your pan.

Yummy chocolate! Hum, I wonder who will lick the beaters? (Oh, come on! You know you do it too!)

She is a great taste tester!

Fixin' to go into the oven.

This recipe made 24 cupcakes and I don't have a cupcake pan that holds 24 cupcakes so I had to bake 2 sets of cupcakes.

Second batch.

The ingredients for the chocolate mousse filling.

Melt your chocolate chips.

Beat your heavy whipping cream.

Mix them both together.

This is what I used to squeeze the filling into the cupcakes.

And this is the tip I used. I used the widest one I could find.

Poke the tip into the cupcake.

Squeeze and then remove the tip.

These are the ingredients for the icing.

I wasn't crazy about the taste of the icing and also I had to make 2 batches of it so I could cover all my cupcakes. I don't know if somehow I messed up or what. So next time, I will probably just buy store bought icing.

I didn't put the snickers candy on top of the cupcakes like the recipes on suggests. But I did put these petty sprinkles on top. Make sure you put the sprinkles on as soon as you icing the cupcakes because they won't stick once you wait until the icing is dried a little. You will end up with sprinkles all over your floor instead of your cupcakes!

All finished!

Okay, now for the taste test!

Pretty good, but it's missing something...

Here we go!

All gone!

Trinity approves!

These cupcakes were wonderful! I'll probably make these for my upcoming Pampered Chef party!


  1. You naughty lady! I know you told me not to keep reading, but you know I couldn't resist!

  2. You are SO BAD. Thanks for the warning, but...curiosity got the better of me.

    Now to go raid my cabinets for SOMETHING chocolate!!


  3. Aren't they delish!?! And the chocolate chip cookie dough ones were even better!! I had to make two batches of frosting as well, probably since we piped them onto the cupcakes instead of just smearing on enough to hold the snickers. Ü

  4. There's a little bit of baby Lori in that chocolate face. lol
    Love, Kathi

  5. Great pics of Trinity and her messy cupcakes! I went to Ivy's Pmapered Chef party and it was really fun. I also have some items from Pampered Chef and I LOVE them. Thanks for the fun day in Lex. with u and Trinity. And yes u wore me out!!!!!

  6. These look so yummy! Have to make them when there are alot of people to feed, otherwise, I WOULD eat them all:)

    Found you blog hopping today!