Friday, January 14, 2011

Fried Round Steak And Smashed Potatoes

I have turned over a new leaf. I am going to start cooking more. If y'all knew how much I actually cooked, you would quit following my blog and declare me as the worse wife/mother IN THE WORLD! Seriously, I never cook. But, I am changing my ways!

To be honest, I am very self-conscious about my cooking. I have never thought I was a good cook and no wonder... I never cook! You would be ashamed of me :( I never want to cook for anyone because I am afraid that they will think my food is awful. I am going to try and get over that. Practice makes perfect! So get ready my friends, I may just be having y'all over for dinner real soon!

This 'ole gal is gonna' start cookin'! Have any of you ever heard of the Pioneer Woman? Well if you haven't, you need to! She has the most awesome blog about cooking EVER! I mean seriously! She has inspired me. The Bible has also inspired me because I mean Biblically a girls supposed to cook for her man, right? (see Proverbs 31 for more info:))

So here we go, a post about our dinner tonight. And I also took pictures! I love food photography!(I am sure that you are so looking forward to this!Ha!

I cooked fried round steak and restaurant-style smashed potatoes.

I know what you are thinking, round steak is, like, um...nasty?
I thought it was too! (I actually thought that round steak was
another name for bologna. Please, don't ask!) But let me tell ya!
It was delicious!

I rolled it in flour.

Fried it. Yum!

Now, on to the smashed potatoes.
The recipe calls for red potatoes but I just used Russet because
I didn't want to buy anything special :).

Chop up some green onions.

Add some french fried onions.

Smash the potatoes with a potato masher.

Put all the ingredients into the bowl.

Stir and enjoy! (As you can tell, I am a very messy stirrer!)
You all will probably been seeing some more food posts so get ready! And please bare with me because I new to this whole thing! And also, if you have a great recipe, I would love to hear about it.

This little girl was ready for some of Mama's cookin'!


  1. Looks sooo good!! Especially since I had grilled cheese for dinner!! LOL. Way to go with the cooking...I think once you get started you'll love it. It's mine and Matthew's favorite thing to do besides eating. LOL!

  2. Ivy, I'm the same way but have been trying to do better. I have been scouring recipe sites and have had a few successes. I've been meaning to do a post about some GREAT and EASY pork barbecue that I made. You'll have to try it. Russ thought I had bought it and tried to trick him. LOL LOL

  3. if ya need someone to try out recipes out on feel free to call me and am just a call away! Not that i am looking for a free meal or anything! LOL