Thursday, January 20, 2011

Loaded Baked Potato Soup And Homemade Yeast Rolls

Here is some more food pictures and recipes! Tuesday night, I fixed an old favorite of ours, loaded baked potato soup. It is so yummy and ridiculously easy! Click here for the recipe.

I'll just tell you, my favorite site for recipes is They always have the best recipes and they are so easy to make. The thing I like most about the recipes they have, is that they hardly ever use ingredients that you've never heard of.

I also made homemade yeast rolls. I'm not much of a bread person but Steven is. He loves it. SO much that he could make a meal out of just bread. Blech! I think bread is okay but not that good!

Here are my yeast rolls...

(I'm spoiled because I have a bread machine!) Add your water and egg to the bread machine pan.

Then your flour.

Am I the only one who makes such a mess with flour?

Then your sugar.

And some salt.

Now your yeast.

You are supposed to make an indention in the flour mixture to put your yeast into so that it mixes right.

Here is the dough after its all done.

Now you are supposed to shape the dough into pretty little balls. I shaped mine into pretty little messes!

Brush melted butter on top.

Cover and let sit for 35 minutes so they can rise.

All done!
Now, on to the soup!

Let me get out my cook book...

Okay now, here we go!

I almost always double the recipe for this soup. All you do is take 4 cups of frozen Southern style hash browns...

2 cans of cream of potato soup...

6 cups of milk...

Mix it all together...

And cook. How easy is that?

Meanwhile, chop up some onions. The recipe calls for green onions but I didn't have any so I used regular ones. Green onions are a lot better though.

And here are your toppings! The recipe doesn't say to put sour cream on top of the soup but I love it on it! I think the recipe also calls for frying bacon and chopping it up for one of the toppings but I just use real bacon bits.

And there you have it! Loaded baked potato soup and homemade yeast rolls!


  1. oh my WORD. Remind me not to come to your page when your posting recipes and I'm only eating 900 calories a day. Sheesh!

    You're HINDERING me! :)

  2. Okay Ivy, you have officially posted more food pics than Dad lately. LOL Looks Good!!!


  3. Wow. Those rolls look fab!! Yum!