Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

I's Thursday. With my giveaway going on, I didn't want to post yesterday. So here is my weight loss Wednesday post...

I didn't diet very well last week :( I also wasn't very busy toward the end of the week. And I cooked a lot. But I was very surprised when I stepped on the scales! I really don't know how I lost weight but I did!

I really want to do good on my diet, but it's so hard when your in-laws bring you ice cream, when you go to an all you can eat pizza buffet not once, but twice in one week, when your nephew brings you ice cream cake, and when your (as we speak) baking cupcakes!

So enough complaining (bragging!) here are the numbers...

Weight loss this week: .08 lbs. (Hey! It's something!)
Total weight loss: 4.2 lbs.


  1. Every ounce counts! Good job!!

  2. Well, goodness, I doubt the loaded potato soup was any help ;).

    I lost 2 lbs last week and I have no idea how. I only recorded my calories half the time. But I thought about what I was eating and how much and it did make a difference!

    Plus drinking water out the wazoo.

    But doesn't it pump you up to see results on the scales? Whoo-hoo!